English information for the university elections 2022

Dear colleagues,

We are electing our representatives for the university senate of the MedUni Vienna, for the ‚KA-AZG‘ (hospital working hours act)-representatives and for the equal opportunities working group.

Tue, Sept 13th, 2022 8.30am-5.30 pm
Wed, Sept 14th, 2022 8.30am-3pm

Building 88, 1st floor, Room ‚Großer Sitzungssaal‘ of the rectorate

What to bring?
Staff ID or regular photo ID

Who can vote?
All individuals, incl. doctorate students, with an active employment status with the MedUni Vienna on June 21st, 2022

What’s it about?
Three important committees that have an important say within the MedUni Vienna.

What does team GAKU stand for?
Constant, honest, transparent university politics

What have we achieved until now?
Research package; teaching tenure track (IKV-Lehre); questioning the triple track concept; rethinking according to employees reputation

What do we want to achieve asap?
Improving the MedUni Vienna!
– Clear career paths within the clinical/research/teaching track
– Grant managers, statistics clinic
– Understanding our university as a common place for preclinical and clinical employees
– Improving work life at the MedUni Vienna, taking into account caregiving responsibilities, a 4th kindergarten/nursery, a gym, bicycle parking spots, Green university, encouraging diversity

Who is standing for the election for team GAKU?
We are proud of our strong team representing the variety within the MedUni Vienna (clinical/preclinical, red/green towers of the AKH, juniors/seniors).

Our top candidates are:
Miriam Leitner for the senate
Tamar Kinaciyan for the equal opportunities working group
Sophie Pils as the ‚KA-AZG‘ (hospital working hours act)-representative

Support us with your vote!