Green Labs at Medical University of Vienna

Global warming represents one of the biggest threats to the well-being of mankind. Climate change started to severely damage our environment. Thus, the UN set a target to keep the earth’s temperature rise to well below 2° Celsius above preindustrial levels within the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC, 2015).

Based on that, the EU has proposed to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. By 2050, Europe aims to be a climate-resilient society (European Commission, 2012).

On a personal level, many of us already limit our energy use, recycle, and try to buy products with low ‘carbon footprints’ from sustainable sources.

But while scientific research is instrumental for solving the imminent climate crisis, lab activities remain to contribute significantly to anthropogenic climate change.

With the campaign Green Labs MedUni Vienna we want to motivate all employees to save energy and resources also at their work place and thus contribute to the worldwide effort to combat the effects of climate change

Let us save energy and resources whenever possible!

Workshop Green Labs MedUni Vienna: coming soon!